Combine transportation with marketing

Turn transportation into an effective marketing activity that will increase your company’s visibility and deliver new customers. By showing the world your professionalism and commitment to innovation, you build a brand image and an attractive employer.

We'll help increase your company's reach

During the crisis, while many are giving up, reducing marketing budgets and going into austerity mode, others are going offensive and capturing the market – you can too!

Transportation is a great opportunity to build your brand recognition. We will provide safe and timely transportation that will become a media hit promoting your brand online. As a result, you will gain recognition, new customers and valuable promotional materials to support the growth of your business.

Get attractive materials for marketing activities

If you want to celebrate your first shipment, assortment launch, new location, production line debut, important anniversary or shipment achievements – this service is for you!

Together we will determine the scope of promotion, based on your company’s history and values, focusing on attracting the attention of potential customers and market talent. We will adapt the communication to a variety of platforms, Linkedin, to YouTube, Facebook Instragram or TikToK. We will ensure the excitement and interest of the recipients throughout the preparation and execution of the transport. You will be able to use the created materials in your marketing communications even after our cooperation ends.

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See the realization for PKL in Solina

Iwona transported the carriages from Switzerland to the cable car in Solina. The train is now open to take you on a journey full of attractions and interesting facts about Lake Solina. Find out how the transport of the wagons from Switzerland to Poland went!

How to get started?

I will use my media potential 100% to promote your company. If you’re up for it, take the first step by contacting us for details and booking a convenient date.

– Iwona Blecharczyk

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