We deliver cargo throughout Europe

We are passionate and committed to carry out traditional and oversized transport – we will transport everything you need for you!




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Domestic and international transport

Need to transport goods, specialized machinery or other cargo? With us, you are assured that your cargo will arrive safely and on time wherever you need it.

Marketing service

Transportation and marketing go hand in hand! Turn the transportation process into an effective promotional activity that will raise your brand recognition and attract new customers!


Transport company built on the experience of Iwona Blecharczyk, who has worked as a professional driver and full-time driver for 12 years. The company has been thriving in the European market for two years.

Our knowledge of the industry and experience in transporting oversized cargo up to 62 meters in length is the solid foundation on which we build Imagination. When you work with us, you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered safely and on time.

Iwona Blecharczyk

On a daily basis, I explore the world from the cab of a truck. Being both a professional driver and a carrier, I show the light and dark sides of transportation. I also carry out my own projects, cooperating with the media and engaging in charity events.

In my career I have worked as a city driver, traveled the legendary roads of Canada and the USA being the first Polish woman on the Ice Trails. I have driven super b-train off-road kits in oil fields. I was the winner of Matel’s prestigious Barbie Shero 2019 award.


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Faces of Transport podcast

Do you work in the transportation or logistics industry or are you simply interested in these topics? Our podcast is a source of knowledge and interesting facts that will surprise even experienced truckers. Travel along with us.