Bulk transport

This is in response to the needs of heavy industry, including the transportation of construction equipment and components that cannot be disassembled for transport. Implementation of this type of orders requires appropriate permits, expertise and experience.

A great comeback for gabbers!

Concentration, precision, teamwork and adrenaline – this is how to describe the job of over-the-horizon transportation in a few words.

Imagination Transport is a unique company built by a female professional driver with extensive experience in transporting various types of cargo. Iwona is actively involved in the industry, engaging in social and charitable initiatives.

82 t

Payload tonnage

29,35 m

Trailer length

275 cm

Trailer width

88 cm

Trailer height

82 tons payload capacity 275 cm trailer width 88 cm trailer height 7 trailer axles

Set specifications

Introducing a kit for special tasks! A 4 axle Volvo FH16 750 tractor approved for 235 tons and a 7 axle GOLDHOFER MPA7 trailer. Swan neck and invasions make us open to a variety of loads!

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